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The Sky So Heavy by Claire Zorn

The Sky so Heavy by Clare Zorn

Ahhh, a realistic young adult dystopian novel–no super powers and the kids don’t save the day. Ordinarily I would say, “what a refreshing change,” but since we’re talking nuclear winter here, that doesn’t really work. What does work is this novel–a hauntingly, realistic look at what might happen after a large-scale nuclear incident.

Set near Sydney, Australia, The Sky so Heavy follows an every day kind of teenager, Fin, and his younger brother Max as they learn how to survive in the days and months following a nuclear bomb. Fin and Mac unexpectedly find themselves without parents when the catastrophe happens. At first they’re coping well and are pretty sure their parents will return but, as time passes, they realize that they’ll have to make some drastic changes in their thinking, from who will take care of them to how they’ll stay warm to how they’ll interact with their neighbors in an increasingly hostile community.

When they realize that they need to go in search of their parents, their story becomes increasingly dangerous and, oddly enough, more heartwarming. You will grow attached to Fin as he unexpectedly reunites with some high school friends, including the very cool Lucy Tenningworth, and makes new friends along the way. The question is, on the way to what?

Rating: 4 stars!

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

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Reviewed by Ms. Bing