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The Diviners by Libba Bray

divinersNew York City in 1926–flappers, the mob, fast-talking scam artists, change in the air–what could be more exciting? Oh, how about demons, ghosts, premonitions and a fight against pure evil?

Eighteen-year old Evie O’Neill has always been able to “divine” things. All she has to do is hold an object to learn about its owner. Usually she hides her gift, but sometimes her mouth outruns her brain and this time it’s gotten her banished from her home town to go live with her uncle in New York. Evie’s not too upset about that. In fact, she’s so not upset that she’s going to make sure she keeps her mouth running until the train has left the station. No use taking chances.

But New York has a few surprises in store for Evie. Along with new friends, exciting things to do and places to see (most of which her uncle really doesn’t need to know about), there are a few unexpected events. There’s a con artist, more than one spirit, and a lot of unexplainable happenings. In fact, things are pos-i-tute-ly hopping. But, being a bit of a con artist herself, Evie jumps right in to take care of things, including rejuvenating her uncle’s dilapidated museum and finding a serial killer. Oh, did I mention the serial killer?

The Diviners is a genre bender–a fast-moving, fast-talking historical fiction novel that combines humor and horror with suspense and action. What a great combination!

Bottom Line:  Great book, fun read!

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Slated by Teri Terry

slatedKyla is different. She doesn’t know how or why, but she knows enough to keep it secret. She must act like the other slated kids who have been given a second chance at life. Because this isn’t just her second chance–it’s her last chance.

In the world Kyla lives in, children who have committed crimes are given a clean slate instead of being sent to prison. But their new life comes at a price–all their memories are wiped and their emotions are monitored so they stay on an even keel all the time. Kyla, just starting out on her new life, should be happy and content like the other slated kids at her school. But Kyla is different. If she only knew why.

Slated is an excellent read, unfolding quickly as mystery upon mystery is revealed. A bit of suspense, a lot of questions, quite a few twists and turns and a likable cast of characters (Including a romantic interest but no love triangle, thank goodness!) will keep you guessing until the unexpected end. If you like suspense, dystopian novels or running, you’ll love Slated.

Bottom Line: Read it!

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