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The Archived by Victoria Schwab

archivedA library filled with bodies and librarians who catalog the dead are just a “normal” part of Mackenzie Bishop’s life. If by “normal,” that is, you mean eerie, mysterious, enticing, surprisingly fulfilling and anything but boring. That’s because Mackenzie is a Keeper. You see, the bodies might be dead but their memories aren’t, and sometimes those memories/bodies (called Histories) go wandering. Mackenzie’s job is to round them up, which can get a bit tricky — especially since she can’t tell anyone what she’s doing.

As if that weren’t complicated enough (How many excuses can one teen come up with for mysterious absences every day? Okay, never mind that.), someone — or some thing — appears to be deliberately unbinding the Histories and altering the Archives.

And, if that weren’t complicated enough, Mackenzie also is dealing with family issues, a new home and a possible love interest. Or is he the one altering Histories?

The Archived is a step above many paranormal novels–combining skillful writing with a compelling, thought-provoking plot that weaves among the past and the present, the living and the dead. You will thoroughly enjoy uncovering the mystery hidden in the hallways of Mackenzie’s new home and the Narrows of the Archives.

Bottom Line: Check it out now before someone else gets to it first!


Look for The Archived in the BEHS Library.

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Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

finnikinFull of contradictions that wonderfully echo real life, Finnikin of the Rock is still a fanciful tale of what goes on inside the mind of a national “hero.”

When the murder of a least six members of the Royal Family shakes the country to its core, the city-dwellers turn on the forest people, afraid of their magic and strangeness. But a witch tied to the stake casts a shockingly powerful curse and prediction that shuts down the kingdom and sends thousands of people into dangerous exile in hostile nations.

With an imposter king on the throne inside the walled city of Lumatere and the King’s Guard locked out, Finnikin, son of the Captain, must find the last remaining Royal Child alive … but all is not as it seems with the young, silent empath who guides them. Who is Evanjalin?

Bottom Line:  Must Read!


Find Finnikin of the Rock in the BEHS Library.

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