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Matched by Ally Condie

Cassia’s life is all planned out, and it’s looking pretty good. The Society has matched her with Xander, who not only is her friend, but is good-looking, smart and fun, so, whew — thank you Society! And, nFlora-1ow that school is ending it looks like she’s headed for a good job too, thanks to her mad sorting skills. Her family is great, she has good friends, life is good.

So, why does Cassia have this uneasy feeling that The Society does not have her best interests at heart? Why does her grandfather have to die and what is he trying to tell her? And, most importantly, why does she keep thinking about Ky when she should be thinking about Xander?

Despite the unfortunate character names, Matched is a fun, fast read that will leave you waiting to read the next two books in the trilogy. Pick it up in the BEHS Library today!

Bottom Line: You’ve heard it before… if you liked Hunger Games, you’ll like this … This time it’s true — check it out!


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