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Divergent by Veronica Roth

Beatrice gets to choose her own future when she turns sixteen. Whatever she picks, she’ll have the support of the people around her and will know her path for life. Sounds great, right? So why does Beatrice feel like whatever she picks will be the wrong one? And why does she feel like there are secrets surrounding her?

Although conflicted, Beatrice makes her choice and immediately her routine life becomes exciting, surrounded by courageous friends, unexpected enemies and interesting challenges. Will her group leader, Four, become more than friends or will he betray her? Will she succeed at all costs or will she even survive? And who will decide which is better–a peaceful society governed by abnormally strict rules of behavior or a free society that allows people to be themselves, both good and bad?

Bottom Line: This is a great read, packed with action, a little romance and a lot of food for thought.


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Submitted by: Ms. Bing, BEHS Librarian

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Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

Picture cold, dark Siberia in 1941 where 15-year old Lina is struggling to survive in the labor camps, not knowing where her father has been taken or why they are even there. Lina decides to fight for her family using her wits, her art, and her love. Follow her story as she deals with treachery as well as love from an unexpected avenue.

Bottom line: Great historical fiction. You will love it!

Submitted by Ms. Bing


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Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Mix together fantasy, a dystopian future, an inescapable prison, a princess in distress who is perfectly capable of rescuing herself and quite willing to lend a hand to the mysterious Finn and, of course, the mystery of Finn himself and you have Incarceron. It’s a great action-packed read, part fairy tale part dystopian despair, and all good.

Bottom line: Read it!

Submitted by Ms. Bing, BEHS Librarian


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